Qi Qin

Incoming Ph.D. student at Northwestern University


I am a second-year Computer Science Master student in System and Software Security Lab at ShanghaiTech University, advised by Prof. Fu Song. In the meanwhile, I am a visiting scholar in the Department of Computer Science at Northwestern University, under the supervision of Prof. Xinyu Xing.

My research interest spans broadly in computer security, including program analysis and AI security.

I’ve participated in a lot of CTF competitions. I am currently a member of Nu1L Team and Straw Hat. I mainly solve Crypto and AI challenges in CTFs, I also developed a great interest in reverse engineering.

I obtained my B.E. degree in Computer Science from ShanghaiTech University in July 2020.


  • Jun. 2022My first paper DeJITLeak is accepted by ESEC/FSE 2022!
  • May. 2022 Straw Hat team is qualified for DEF CON CTF again
  • Feb. 2022 Finally arrived at Evanston and started my visiting
  • Jan. 2022 I finished all my courses at ShanghaiTech with a major GPA of 3.95/4 :p
  • Dec. 2021 I received the distinguished TA award